Dev-Diary: 30

Hey all~

Not too much new stuff these past two weeks, just a whole ‘lotta practicing some skills, learning some new stuff, and doing pre-production. Been busy with life interfering a lot as well, but still pushing on with the projects!

Gotta keep working hard, till next time all the best~

Dev-Diary: 29

Late again! Though I was away for a bit and came back to world of busy.

Since the last post, nothing really new unfortunately because I spent most of that time away on my little holiday! Went to hang out in New Zealand with some friends to catch the end of the snow season, was an amazing time!

With that behind me now and October looking pretty open for me, it’s time to cram into this new project and continue the Unity migration! Don’t think I mentioned it last time but I’ve started learning 3D modelling as part of my Unity migration and for the new project (which I refer to as T.H.E. Game); it’s been incredibly enjoyable and while I am still a bit slow at making simple objects, I love the process, the problem solving to get the best form with minimal work and detail, and the end results are constantly improving!

I look forward to working hard this coming month! Till next time, all the best!

Dev-Diary: 28

Whoa I’m late! Sorry, I’m in the middle of a bit of a holiday!

So aside from taking some time off, I’ve been trying to sort some things out. Over the past month, I’ve been practicing Unity work, doing tiny little silly projects and online courses. I’ve also been trying to work out my main line of projects that I want to work on, altering the pre-production for the new platform and giving them more depth. I’ve come to a point where I realise I want to commit a more serious amount of time to these works while I train myself up properly.

So I had an idea! Over the next 6-12 months, I’ll be working on a little experimental game. Something new. This gives me a chance to rest a bit on the big projects and practice jumping into a whole new idea. Separate from the larger story of my main projects, this will just be a stand-alone fun idea to jump into a new platform. It’ll allow me to make mistakes and grow before I commit to a larger and more serious story that I want to do right and professionally.

I’ll be updating about the progress of the project exactly the same as before, but this is something different from what I was working on over the past 2 years; it’s a little odd and a I’ll have to pick up some new skills to achieve it. But it is definitely not outside my grasp, and when I finish I’ll be in a place to chase my dream works. ūüôā

(also completing a project like this will tick off a little game-design bucket list item hehehe~)

This game involves a lot of secrecy, but I’ll share as much as I can without spoiling, as usual~ As for the coming month, I’ll continue to learn and develop after my little trip (which I will return from to attend OzComicon).

Till next time, all the best!

Dev-Diary: 27

Hey there, sorry about being late, been rather busy with life lately.

Unfortunately again, nothing major to report. I’ve been organising some of the card-game projects with my dev partner, ¬†and I’ve restructured my own projects, specifically the games I was originally working on. I’ve been mostly committed to refining all the pre-production, general story writing, and learning Unity and C# (which is coming along well!).

Because of the lack of describable progress, I won’t be posting to Newgrounds or Deviantart this month like I usually do, but of course I’ll be keeping regular here!

Gotta keep working forwards! Till next time, all the best!

Dev-Diary: 26

Hey  everyone!

Not much to report this update. I’ve spent a lot of the time reviewing the (now old) Monochrome Engine Demo and the tester feedback so I can prepare for it to be rebuilt later, researching and studying new engines, and being sick with the flu! I’m still keeping on board with all my projects, and while they all may be getting re-arranged, I do fully plan to follow through with them all!

Hopefully next time I have more to talk about!
Till then, all the best!

Dev-Diary: 25

Hey everyone,

So I have some bad news. Adobe recently announced that they are cutting support from Flash Player in 2020. While this didn’t come as unexpected, it did occur a lot earlier than anticipated. Essentially, and in the long run, this means that web browsers will remove compatibility with Flash objects (if they have not done so already), and running Flash objects will become a lot more difficult and definitely not an automated process.

This affects me rather negatively. Aside from all the great things Flash has done for me in the past, I was hoping the game series I was working on would be “one last hurrah” for my Flash career before moving onto stand-alone platforms. Unfortunately, with the time-frame of my projects against that of the support of the platform, they are no longer a viable release, not just financially but also technically. I would like my works to be ones that can be appreciated for a while to come.

I started the Monochrome Engine a few years ago as a learning experiment with no intention of it going anywhere. As time went on I learned more and more about game theory and applying that theory to technical function. I had hoped to use my final result as a foot-stool for some projects, but instead I will have to migrate those projects into Unity, essentially starting again with a new game engine.

I definitely don’t regret my time spent building¬†the engine, especially since I completed a wonderfully functional tech-demo that a good number of you got to experience, and learned so much along the way. And I could consider myself fortunate that this happened just as I was moving into the first project. It will however cause major delays to my work while I re-arrange everything as well as apply a much greater risk to my work, but let’s hope with greater reward.

I would also like to apologise to the people who did such a fantastic job as testers. You all helped my uncover bugs I did not find even over the years of working on the engine, and allowed me to reach an end result I was happy with. I’m sorry that the testing efforts you put forward will now go to nothing, but I thank-you for your help and commitment to my work.

I look forward to continuing to update you all during this major shift in my life and career. Fingers cross it works out well!

Till next time, all the best!

Dev-Diary: 24

Hey everyone!

So nothing really new this update. I’ve basically spent the past two weeks handling the Demo and prepping for future work. Big ol’ thank-you to everyone who’s tested the Demo so far, and big ol’ apologies to everyone I have not responded to yet! I’ve had a busy past week with personal things, but the next two week are handling the Demo and testers, fixing new bugs, and finishing pre-production for the first game, as well as some more writing for the comic~

Next update I should (hopefully) be kicking off with the first steps into the first project! Till next time, all the best~!

Dev-Diary: 23

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delays this past fortnight; I’ve been incredibly busy with work, sending out and managing emails ¬†to testers, been dealing with some internet issues, and I had to patch-up some (game-breakingly big) last minute bugs in the demo.

For those who have applied as testers and sent the forms over, I’ll be sending out the demo tomorrow! For everyone else, because of my personal delays I’m extending the ‘deadline’ for another 2 weeks, purely because I’m only able to get around to managing it properly now.

Thanks for your patience everyone! I look forward to your responses! Till next time, all the best!

Dev-Diary: 22 – Testers Wanted!

Hello everyone!

The Demo is done (basically)! All the visuals are done except a few little updates, and the coding is done except a few little final bug-sweeps! I’ve got a busy few days ahead of me getting this finalised and setting up hosting, but starting this weekend I’ll be contacting people on the testing list to see if they’re still interested to test the Demo, and getting them to sign an NDA. If you want to be one of those people send me a message (head on over to the Contact page) between now and the end of the month and I’ll set you up! After the end of the month I won’t be setting up any more testers unless I think it is necessary, although I will still welcome tester’s feedback after the end of the month. Then when July rolls around I will be starting work on the first game properly!¬†Yay!

Check below for information about the Demo if you’re interested. I’ve got a busy few days lined up ahead but I shall be doing final patches and then sending out forms to people! I’ll also be going to Sydney Supernova this weekend cosplaying as John Wick so if you’re around maybe we’ll bump into each-other!

Till next we speak, all the best!

The Demo is a Technical Demo, not a Gameplay Demo. This means it is a series small and mostly empty levels, each testing a single mechanic, or specific combination of mechanics. It is not exciting or thrilling, nor does it reflect the final product for the games themselves, but simply lets you peeps help me make sure everything works. There is a Showcase/Freeplay room which is a very large space which does reflect what my future games should look like, but it is not the focus of the Demo.
Application Period: 15th June Р1st July. After this period I will no longer be sending out information, but still continue to receive feedback.
Response Period: Before 1st August. After July tester feedback will either be for a previous engine version or the game would have progressed beyond feedback could assist with, so try to get it in during July.
What Will You Do:¬†After signing the NDA to promise you won’t steal or share my work, you will receive a link to the Demo and a Bug Report Form which explains what to look for and what to write down. Essentially, if you think you encountered an error, you write down what happened, what room it happened in, and if possible take a screenshot of the error. Additionally, you will also be looking out for frame-rate issues and making sure the game doesn’t lag, writing down when you think the game might be running slower than it should be and telling me your system specifications.
How To Get Involved: I already have a list of testers (thank-you you keen and wonderful people!) but if you’d like to be a part of this head on over to my contact page ( and send me a message!

Dev-Diary: 21

Hey everyone,

So I didn’t make the proposed deadline for my demo unfortunately. The first half of the past two weeks I was working non-stop to try and get the demo done, however when I hit my anticipated deadline I burned out completely and crashed. Because of that, I’ve spent the past week recovering and easing back into it. I’m going to start working hard again to have it done by the next Dev-Diary on the 15th, but not so hard that I put my work before my own health.

Even though I didn’t make my deadline, I finished the showcase area which simulates an example environment for the first game I’ve planned and I’m really proud of how it looks! If I have time I’ll add a few more features to it, but as an apology of sorts for not making deadline I’m attaching¬†two screenshots to the end of this post! I also managed to get about 70%+ of the character animations completed! After that, it’s menu visuals, final room fixes, and final bug sweeps, then it will be ready for any of you who are interested to run around in and see if you can find any errors I may have missed!

Stay tuned, and all the best!

ME:Demo Screenshot

ME:Demo Screenshot