I’m Matthew Lucis, also known as Silver Stitch. I make stories!

Silver Stitch 2017 Showreel:

Click through the images below to play some games I’ve made.

Silver Stitch on Itch.io
Silver Stitch itchio linkA link to my Itch.io page containing many of my recent projects, including all my free One-Year-One-Page-One-Shot Challenge games!
core_ailtt.exeCore files stored safely online in the event the primary project fails. Please acquire and store in a safe location for future use.
Samantha Wins
Samantha WinsAs an unknown character, explore a surreal and broken house to uncover your past and identity.
Chamber Door
Chamber DoorA slave to a mad-man, you and your new friend Eleven must explore the forgotten chambers in search of your master’s sleeping love. Solve the puzzles and uncover the truth about the mysteries that surround you.
Colour My Life
Colour My LifeSeries of Colour – Part 5. A short-animation concluding the Series of Color and the adventures of Prota.
Colour My Fate
Colour My FateSeries of Colour – Part 4. Walk the city streets, explore the empty buildings and climb through the Underground to bring back festivity and joy, and reveal to the city the colour of creativity.
Colour My Dreams
Colour My DreamsSeries of Colour – Part 3. In a black and white world, it becomes harder and harder to follow your dreams… and soon… they become nightmares… In an abstract world where darkness is looming, find the colour that lies within and break free to the world you know, the one where she is there for you.
Colour My World
Colour My WorldSeries of Colour – Part 2. Travel across the complex rocky cliffs of the Grey Mountains into the clean and controlled city of B&W to meet up with your love waiting for you. Interact with the environment, solving puzzles and leaving a small trail of colour as you run, jump and even travel by Skytrain to explore this world.
Colour My Heart
Colour My HeartSeries of Colour – Part 1. Explore the monochrome world of B&W searching for your emotions…