Dev-Diary: 2

This is the first Dev-Diary that is being posted on this site that is not being published in parallel with my other progress-posts (Newgrounds and DeviantArt). What this means is on this website, I’ll be posting twice a month (1st and 15th), while only once a month on the other sites.

On-to the progress made!
I spent a lot of these past two weeks juggling a lot of different aspects of the demo; I’ve set-up the skeleton for the free-running level (the most complicated area where people can experiment with the majority of the player physics) and worked on the visuals for the other levels. However, I’ve spent a lot of this time working on the visual assets and fixing bugs.

Because this is a demo, the visual side of this mini-project is odd: I want to show-off what is possible, what I am capable of, and test varying degrees of visual data being processed during a test. However, this is just a demo, and while I will be using this to hopefully get some people interested in backing my games, I don’t want to put all my efforts into making this pretty, as that time can be spent finialising code and preparing for the first major project. So visual assets are essentially my folders of little re-usable walls, floors, ceilings, and objects that I can throw into the level to make it visually appealing without the time wasted on drawing it all. Of course, this is how all the other games will be made, to a degree, but the demo will feature predominantly recycled assets.

With the bugs, I am happy to say I have FINALLY fixed angled collision. While each level only seems to feature one or two angled floors, they are a crucial player mechanic as they serve as either an obstacle, or a boost (depending on the player’s approach). So having the player clip through ramps if they hit them at a certain speed, or fly off the end if the ramp was at the wrong angle, became a major issue. But it is a major relief to say I believe they have been completely and complexly patched. This comes along side many other bug-fixes such as sliding through walls, grinding through walls, and generally moving through things that should not be moved through.

Well that’s it for this mid-month post! I’m going back to work, so everyone have a wonderful rest of the month!