Dev-Diary: 39

Hey all~!

Sorry I’m a day late, I’ve had a random flu hit me pretty hard this week so I was a bit off with my dates and times.

This past couple of weeks have been busy, partly with boring-making-money work, partly with super-fun-time developer work. On the fun side, I’ve fixed up bit more pre-production (I told you it never stops…), and I’ve started work on the game engine proper; I’ll include a little screenshot of my early but proud progress at the end. Hopefully I’ll have a working draft with all the key features by the end of the month, and I can start working on design.

On that note however I have also been fine-tuning the characters and doing a lot of preliminary visual design for the game; from the key characters to what a chair should look like. Gotta make sure everything looks amazing! Not today, but coming up when I’m happy with how everything is looking I’ll pop up some screenshots or scans of how things are looking. For now you’ll have to settle with my current test environment~

Until next time, all the best~!

THE:Demo Screenshot

Dev-Diary: 38

Hey all~

Wowie I’ve been working hard preparing everything. A lot of things needed to be lined-up before I can continue, and they have! I feel as if I’ve gotten better at planning and organising, or maybe I’m just a harder worker now?

I’ve been fine-tuning the pre-production (it can always use more work haha) and continued studying both Unity and Blender. I’ll now be finishing up my studies with Unity and begin working on drafting up an engine, while I also start working on some simple assets for the game (ones I don’t mind messing up early~).

On a personal note, I booked myself a holiday for a few months from now! Nothing like getting pumped up for production then disappearing for a month haha! I’ll be back-packing around Japan so that’ll be awesome! Unfortunately it means that while I am away there will be no production or updates. I’ll let you know when that comes up.

Finally, I revived a website! You guys remember Relic’s TV Hits from forever ago? Or maybe it was just an Australian thing for people who were really into gaming. Well here’s their old site, it’s pretty glitched and buggy but it works:

Hope everyone is well! Till next time, all the best~