Dev-Diary: 29

Late again! Though I was away for a bit and came back to world of busy.

Since the last post, nothing really new unfortunately because I spent most of that time away on my little holiday! Went to hang out in New Zealand with some friends to catch the end of the snow season, was an amazing time!

With that behind me now and October looking pretty open for me, it’s time to cram into this new project and continue the Unity migration! Don’t think I mentioned it last time but I’ve started learning 3D modelling as part of my Unity migration and for the new project (which I refer to as T.H.E. Game); it’s been incredibly enjoyable and while I am still a bit slow at making simple objects, I love the process, the problem solving to get the best form with minimal work and detail, and the end results are constantly improving!

I look forward to working hard this coming month! Till next time, all the best!