Dev-Diary: 4

Hello! Mid-Month update time for September!

So the past 2 weeks have been mostly consumed with getting levels done for the demo. Collision maps, triggers, dialogue, visuals, and code patches; all the things a growing game needs to get big! While, being a demo, visuals aren’t supposed to be as important as the mechanics getting tested, I find myself free-drawing a lot of the more interesting areas instead of using the assets I made. The demo has been quite the little learning project for getting back into drawing, but also getting faster at using the trigger systems I made in the engine; even though I designed them, I hadn’t really had a chance to make so so so many triggers, and this demo is providing a perfect opportunity to get faster at it! Though it’s going to again step up it’s game when it comes to the NPC Programs, the AI can get rather complex when you want them to obey certain patterns.

And as always, I’ve been passively working hard at the lore and stories. Drawing up the characters, writing out some language, and planning the history, to give the world a bit of depth. A lot of these things though won’t be immediately apparent in the first few projects, and are more something for the long-term goal.

Of course, all this talk of level design and visuals, I’m sure you want something to look at. Well here is one of the completed rooms where the player can experience the various sound functions in the game. Till next time!

Monochrome Engine - Demo - 02