Dev-Diary: 11

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year! Time to knuckle down and get back into work. I’ve managed to better control some of the issues I’ve been faced with lately, so hopefully I can get back on track with getting the demo completed! So, to start the new year off, if you head on over to the ‘About’ section, you’ll see I’ve posted a showreel! While the majority of it is fancy editing of footage from my past projects (including some video work I edited), you’ll also notice there is some actual footage of the Monochrome Engine! Sneak peak! Go check it out!

I’m going to try my best to get lots of work done this year. I predict I will again be delayed by other work, especially since I do need to focus on making actual money too, as well as taking up opportunities to gain more experience in media production, but I will definitely be trying to get as much work done as possible! My production partnerĀ and I are also aiming to get some of our collaborative works finished, and if possible even jump into some local conventions to sell art and games.

Long story short, 2016 was a crazy ride for me, I definitely had some amazing times, as well as some difficult ones. I’d like to take what I learnt from last year and step it up this year to perform even better! I know not all my plans will go accordingly, but I’m not stopping. Hopefully you guys will be there with me along the way!

All the best!

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