Dev-Diary: 22 – Testers Wanted!

Hello everyone!

The Demo is done (basically)! All the visuals are done except a few little updates, and the coding is done except a few little final bug-sweeps! I’ve got a busy few days ahead of me getting this finalised and setting up hosting, but starting this weekend I’ll be contacting people on the testing list to see if they’re still interested to test the Demo, and getting them to sign an NDA. If you want to be one of those people send me a message (head on over to the Contact page) between now and the end of the month and I’ll set you up! After the end of the month I won’t be setting up any more testers unless I think it is necessary, although I will still welcome tester’s feedback after the end of the month. Then when July rolls around I will be starting work on the first game properly! Yay!

Check below for information about the Demo if you’re interested. I’ve got a busy few days lined up ahead but I shall be doing final patches and then sending out forms to people! I’ll also be going to Sydney Supernova this weekend cosplaying as John Wick so if you’re around maybe we’ll bump into each-other!

Till next we speak, all the best!

The Demo is a Technical Demo, not a Gameplay Demo. This means it is a series small and mostly empty levels, each testing a single mechanic, or specific combination of mechanics. It is not exciting or thrilling, nor does it reflect the final product for the games themselves, but simply lets you peeps help me make sure everything works. There is a Showcase/Freeplay room which is a very large space which does reflect what my future games should look like, but it is not the focus of the Demo.
Application Period: 15th June – 1st July. After this period I will no longer be sending out information, but still continue to receive feedback.
Response Period: Before 1st August. After July tester feedback will either be for a previous engine version or the game would have progressed beyond feedback could assist with, so try to get it in during July.
What Will You Do: After signing the NDA to promise you won’t steal or share my work, you will receive a link to the Demo and a Bug Report Form which explains what to look for and what to write down. Essentially, if you think you encountered an error, you write down what happened, what room it happened in, and if possible take a screenshot of the error. Additionally, you will also be looking out for frame-rate issues and making sure the game doesn’t lag, writing down when you think the game might be running slower than it should be and telling me your system specifications.
How To Get Involved: I already have a list of testers (thank-you you keen and wonderful people!) but if you’d like to be a part of this head on over to my contact page ( and send me a message!