Dev-Diary: 79

Hey everyone, hope everybody is staying safe!

Sadly I don’t have as much as normal to report this month as I had to take some personal time. I did still manage to get some coding and general game-dev work done, but nothing really worth discussing here. Beyond that, I’ve continued my video work for LMBS, and of course rotated the One-Page-One-Shots around!

This month the Ko-Fi one-shot is a more serious one called Runners Edge; a free-running RPG, while the new free one to release is Goblin Gang; a silly reverse-dungeon-crawler all about setting traps and protecting your treasure! It’s a bit of fun and should even be enjoyably playable with smaller numbers (unlike many of my previous OPOS’s) so go check it out over at itchio!

Sadly that is all for this month’s post. I’ll be running back into my work this coming month so hopefully I have more to report back on! Till next time, stay safe and all the best~!