Dev-Diary: 80

Hey everyone! You better all be staying safe and doing good for one-another and all!

Picked the pacing back up this month and worked on several upgrades for Management IN SPACE!! A small aesthetic improvement is I got a nice intro for the game up and running. It isn’t hugely important, but because it changes based on game progress it was something I had to integrate sooner rather than later. Plus it looks pretty cool! (but I might upgrade it further down the line~) I’ve also continued work on one of the sub-menus/new mechanics for the game as well, and ensured the new mechanics now run with the game properly; when they were first implemented suddenly the game was looking for old data that was no-longer there and had been replaced by new data, so had to hook everything back up and rejig a few things. But it’s (seeming) to work now which means the progress on the new mechanics is getting along!

The next stage for MIS! is pretty long and boring, but super necessary. I have to make spreadsheets of all the content of the game and ensure it is all correctly set-up and runs as intended. So far I’ve taken stock of quite a lot of the content and already found a good handful of gaps in my code and collections, or content that exists in the code but has no way of spawning in-game. This stock-take of the game’s content will ensure everything is where it is meant to be, and makes the final upgrades to the game all the more possible. The game still has a bit to go, but it’s getting to the stage where the remaining steps are about media-content (art, audio) or just aesthetic work (stylising menus and UI). Honestly, was not expecting this project to become as big as it did, and I miss working on the primary project, but it’s coming along so well and I’m very keen for it to exist! ^-^ //The primary project is impatient.

In addition to main game work, I’ve continued my occasional editing work for LMBS, and got the next rotation of OPOS games out! The new private game (available at ko-fi) is Bonez, a weird game about skeletons, right on time for spooktober. (Actually, I might early release it this month…) The new free OPOS is Runner’s Edge, a free-running RPG game about dashing through a city to complete heists! It’s a bit more of a serious theme than most of my previous OPOS’s but I think it turned out alright and has some pretty cool ideas behind it! I hope people enjoy it!

That’s it from me! Gonna jump back into work!
Hope you all are staying safe, wearing masks if you got outside, not forgetting that black lives still matter, and being wonderful to each-other~! <3