Dev-Diary: 97

A couple of days late, but still here~ ^^

I don’t actually have heaps to discuss this time unfortunately, or, to be more accurate, the work I’ve been absorbed with hasn’t been entirely diary-worthy (though, I assure you, I was still incredibly busy hahaha~). I finally wrapped the massive episode for Pok├ęStudy I was talking about last time; a huge video reviewing some of the past rivals across the Pokemon generations! I’ll be working on the follow-up episode this month where Radioactive Magic goes about creating his own rival!

Development on roll has been as exciting as ever! After a month of massive bug-fixes and tweaks, I’m finally happy to say it has reached a presentable Alpha-demo stage! What I mean by this is I am comfortable I could place this in someone’s hands without instruction or context and they could play the game and get a taste of what will be on-offer. For now I’ll be testing privately testing it within circles I know, but over the months I hope to open testing up to a wider audience!

I won’t be doing my usual long spiel about specific concepts this time, as the vast majority of progress made has been in small updates and fixes, such as correcting some world objects, updating the player and camera, fixing the weather mechanics, etc. I am happy to say though that we finally got some Special Seeds into the game (if you’d like to read up on those, check-out my previous log~), and inserted numerous hint-texts. The hint-texts, and the tutorial as well for that matter, will need a reworking in the future as I’d like to adjust the game learning to flow more naturally and at a steady pace across gameplay, as opposed to all at the start, but this will be handled down the line. Some of the hints already do this though, introducing new mechanics to the player the further into the game they get.

Essentially, there’s still a lot to do, but I’ve also come a long way as well~ ^^ I’m very proud of the progress made, and am looking forward to the continued work! Anyways, that’s it from me for today! I hope everyone is safe, kind, and doing wonderfully, and till next time all the best~!