Dev-Diary: 98

Heya folks~!

This post is more of a micro-update unfortunately! I’ve been so utterly absorbed with administrative work lately that I haven’t been able to make much progress on neither roll nor Pok├ęStudy, sorry! It’s actually been an incredibly busy and exhausting time, so it’s lucky that I get to take some time off this month!

I can confirm that the Alpha-demo of roll has be tested numerous times and has both functioned and been received very well~! As development continues we shall be continuing to test major iterations of the project.

Beyond that though I do apologise as there just isn’t anything worthwhile to talk about in this post! Sometimes running an indie dev company, even a tiny one such as mine, comes with periods of managerial and administrative work. The dream would be to one-day be able to afford to hire someone (or even a full team!) to manage these aspects so I can focus my efforts on production, but until then I’ve gotta fill every role~ ^^”

Because this coming month I am taking some time off to rush-around with some personal events to attend and take care of, next month’s post will likely also be a small one again. ^^” But I promise you all a strong jump back into development immediately afterwards!

Till next time, all the best~