Dev-Diary: 103

Heya folks!

Don’t normally get a mid-month diary do we! December is notoriously a bit of a hectic month for a lot of people, myself included, and as I may be unable to post early-January, I figured I should post mid-December now to cover the Nov-Dec period and then again around February 1st to cover the Dec-Jan period!

Not a huge amount to update today though! That isn’t to say I haven’t been flat-out busy, but the work I’ve been doing isn’t something I can really rant about as it has mostly been managerial, admin, or company work for Silver Stitch Productions. Additionally, with the follow-on from that work, in combination with a lot of personal obligations lately, I’ve also been having to mitigate some burnout so I’ve been careful as to not push myself too hard as of late. Hopefully this won’t affect my production schedule too much, so we shall see how the following month or two goes!

I am happy to talk about two recent updates with roll however! The first is I’ve been talking with the team about the remaining tasks of what need to be done on their end and we’ve managed to finally get individual “end-goal” timelines sorted out! This isn’t just a to-do list, but a branching task list of assets, reviews, fixes, and polishes all with various priorities, split between a “minimum-viable” goal and a “full-complete” goal. This helps give us all a better mindset about what is expected and where there is freedom to work or to put something on hold, giving more control to those people.

I’ve also been reviewing any new requests, changes, and ideas that cropped up during SXSW Sydney. This includes things we were already thinking about but have jumped-up in priority; such as different control-scheme options, and whole new ideas that came about during the event; such as presenting and explaining “Zen Mode” at the end of the tutorial so that the player may immediately set the pace of the game. Additionally, while the game performance was generally exceptional, we were able to note a couple of areas of improvement across the different hardware devices, including being able to finally test the game on tablet! As such, we’re also prioritising these optimisations and fixes to better accommodate a wider range of devices.

That’s it for me for today! I hope everyone is going wonderfully and staying safe, particularly during such a hectic end of the year. Continue to be kind to one-another, have a fantastic holidays, and till next time, all the best~!