Dev-Diary: 102

Heya folks~! ^^

Last month was 100% all about presenting roll to SXSW Sydney! And what a wild time it was!

This was the first time I’ve showcased my work at an expo (or con or the like); I have previously assisted others with their booths and I even did a presentation at Oz Comic-Con before, but this was a first for me! Out the gates I will admit it was very exhausting and stressful, but honestly I also had such an incredible time meeting so many wonderful people! There was so much positive feedback for the game, most-notably everyone loved the procedural music. I’ve reworked the music system a few times now since Duncan first helped me conceptualise it, so it was incredibly validating to hear everyone praise it so!

I also got some fantastic notes and other feedback as well! Many of the suggestions where things we already have in the pipeline, so it was good to know we were going in the right direction! Of course there were also plenty of ideas we hadn’t considered as well which we have written down to readdress when we jump back into production! I was also very happy with how well-received our Star-Cards were; promo cards of the actual in-game collectibles! I noticed that not everyone wanted a business card, but a special artistic collectible card that connects to your birthday? People loved it!

I don’t have too much to update on this end as there hasn’t been any development progress with the expo taking my time up. I have another week or so of administrative business to take care of post-expo as well, but after that I’ll be jumping back into production! In the mean-time however, we have publicly released roll as an early-access demo, so if you’d like to try it out here’s the link!

As such, I’ll leave it there for now. I want to thank everyone for stopping by and giving the game a try, and a huge thank-you to my helpers Duncan and Thu who did a wonderful job looking after the booth with me! I’d also like to thank Luella, Peak, and everyone on the SXSW Sydney Games Fest team who made this all possible for me and the other developers~!
Till next time, all the best~! ^^

(Players gave permission before photos were taken~)