Dev-Diary: 25

Hey everyone,

So I have some bad news. Adobe recently announced that they are cutting support from Flash Player in 2020. While this didn’t come as unexpected, it did occur a lot earlier than anticipated. Essentially, and in the long run, this means that web browsers will remove compatibility with Flash objects (if they have not done so already), and running Flash objects will become a lot more difficult and definitely not an automated process.

This affects me rather negatively. Aside from all the great things Flash has done for me in the past, I was hoping the game series I was working on would be “one last hurrah” for my Flash career before moving onto stand-alone platforms. Unfortunately, with the time-frame of my projects against that of the support of the platform, they are no longer a viable release, not just financially but also technically. I would like my works to be ones that can be appreciated for a while to come.

I started the Monochrome Engine a few years ago as a learning experiment with no intention of it going anywhere. As time went on I learned more and more about game theory and applying that theory to technical function. I had hoped to use my final result as a foot-stool for some projects, but instead I will have to migrate those projects into Unity, essentially starting again with a new game engine.

I definitely don’t regret my time spent building¬†the engine, especially since I completed a wonderfully functional tech-demo that a good number of you got to experience, and learned so much along the way. And I could consider myself fortunate that this happened just as I was moving into the first project. It will however cause major delays to my work while I re-arrange everything as well as apply a much greater risk to my work, but let’s hope with greater reward.

I would also like to apologise to the people who did such a fantastic job as testers. You all helped my uncover bugs I did not find even over the years of working on the engine, and allowed me to reach an end result I was happy with. I’m sorry that the testing efforts you put forward will now go to nothing, but I thank-you for your help and commitment to my work.

I look forward to continuing to update you all during this major shift in my life and career. Fingers cross it works out well!

Till next time, all the best!

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  • To bad that such drastic change is coming when work on the engine was coming to an end.
    I have pages and pages of bug reports and feedback about the engine. Would any of these still provide useful to you?