Dev-Diary: 40

Hey all~!

Not too much new or cool stuff to report for this couple of weeks. Working hard at money-job to make money. My flu from before came back with a vengeance, and a throat infection. Been updating some behind-the-scene doo-dads. Been tightening pre-production, including fine-tuning the mechanics before implementation and some visual stuff. Been working on the engine slowly, though no major progress. Like I said the flu was pretty rough so that slowed me down a lot, and because a lot of the time it’s just me encouraging myself to work a simple thing like a cold can really hold me back.

It’s one month before I go on holiday, and I’ve got a number of ‘to-dos’ for my projects before I leave. I’m only a little behind schedule, so if  I knuckle down I should be able to get everything done! I shall also aim to upload some cool visuals before I go, as I did promise I would show some things~

Till next time, all the best!