Dev-Diary: 83

Hey everyone! Happy 2021!

I am pretty exhausted haha~ I guess nothing has changed in the new year! I’m not entirely subtle about how busy the end of the year is for me; wrapping up work and projects along side all the personal and family and friend duties I have, which is one of the reasons I have been absent. Additionally, all my work and commitments to the new co-op have been a lot to take in, on-top of the other new work I have had come in. Because of this, I have sadly neglected my own projects, but I will be rectifying that this month!

Firstly, I will no longer be running O.P.O.S. This is because the new workloads take up that free “random game design” time I had before, but also provide me with far more professional and consistent experience in the game dev world, something I have been seeking to better improve my own development and projects. If ideas for a new O.P.O.S. pop into my head I will still probably whip them up, but I am no longer holding myself to the monthly uploading.

Secondly, now that I am finding my feet with my new workloads, I hope to be able to balance them out so that I can continue with my own projects. This month, I will be restoring the projects to my new computer, which is beautifully up-and-running now, and begin work again to get them released! My combined goals are; to learn as much about development as possible, to produce amazing stories and games for everyone, and to do so in a fashion that does not burn me out (which is why I have been so careful about adapting to my new workload).

Finally, I also hope to begin committing to my more personal hobbies and non-work projects; from game streaming to learning more about robotics and machine learning. This falls into the self-care end of my schedule; taking time to do things I want to do that I would not consider work, but are still very important to a working life as I find my new work/life balance. Plus, if I start doing anything cool or interesting I may have a bit of a chat about them here! ^-^

That’s it from me, a very breezy and casual post this time as we start the new year! I hope everyone is staying safe, everyone is being kind and caring, and that everyone is remembering that black lives still matter~!

Till next time, all the best~