Dev-Diary: 84

Hey y’all! Hecc I am tired!

Sorry for missing last month’s post, but I have a good excuse! So I got kinda sick (not Covid) and spent most of March just slowly recovering… massively better now though! I had an inner ear infection, and if you don’t know what that entails well let me tell you! Your ears are actually super important because they keep you balanced and tell your brain which direction is which! Bodies are weird! Anyways, what started off as a strange headache became insane vertigo and just a long recovery with lots of laying down and not moving because vertigo is terrible! Fortunately I’ve started back up with work this week and slowly getting back into everything.

I’ve gotten all my projects back up-and-running on my new computer, and I’ve made some headway into the new work with my currently clients! Busy times, but hopefully I’ll be working into a manageable and consistent work schedule with everything this month! Additionally, one of the things I’d also like to find time for now is streaming! I’ve mentioned this a few times but this is the month I intend to start-up, beginning with playing through the new content for ‘Binding of Isaac’, of which I am a massive fan~ The page is very blank at the moment, but if you’d like to swing by and check it out the link is below! I hope to stream once a week (honestly just for fun), not sure when yet but gonna aim for a consistent schedule. 🙂

Cool beans, I think that’s everything! Sorry not much to report, but let’s keep it up and keep improving! Hope everyone is safe, doing wonderfully, and remember that black lives still matter, as well as Asian lives and trans lives! Please be safe and supportive!! Till next time, all the best!


Streamy stuff!