Dev-Diary: 82

Hey everyone!

Dang, I am… very tired haha. In my head it feels like I didn’t achieve much this month, and while I didn’t get much done for Management IN SPACE! I was keeping busy with just a lot of outside things. However, I did manage to have a good few chats with the extremely talented musician for MIS! to get some more music sorted out for the game, as well as just a little bit of management with planning the next batch of Events.

Outside of that, I did some more work for LMBS, and I may have also gotten on-board with another creator for a massive (and quite honestly very cool) video project they’ve been planning! Won’t chat about that until we’ve started getting some head-way on that. Additionally I have been lucky enough to also be invited to join a local tech/game-dev co-op! The team is all super talented and very delightful and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of them! More on this one as well down the line!

Beyond all that good news, I’ve been swamped with personal duties as well, including all the preparation for Christmas (which I have not been shy about discussing every year~). I did some very cool albeit very strange art as part of a larger gift this year, and while I would like to show everyone I am afraid the intended recipient may stumble across it early if I do, so I may post it in the new year if I remember! Might be cool to show-off some random art outside of my game-dev work. Also, very quickly, I finally have a new computer on the way to work on (my current one has been having issues, which has admittedly made me afraid of my work failing or corrupting, particularly the stored p̸r̸i̵m̵a̸r̸y̵ ̷p̸r̶o̷j̴e̵c̴t̵), so I am very excited to be working on that soon! With the new computer I will also be gearing-up to start doing random streams, most-likely starting in the new year.

Finally, the next One-Page-One-Shot is out! Because of the delayed rotation this game is going directly to the public and if freely available over at! The game “Super Ultra Fast-Fast Racing!” is all about out-driving and destroying your fellow racers in a drag-race to the death! It’s an exciting little fast-paced strategy game about wacky cars, insane tracks, and lots of weird weapons! Check it out!

That’s it from me! I may try to post earlier next dev-diary as I’d like to have it out of the way pre-Christmas so I can enjoy my little holiday period, but we’ll just have to see how much work I can get done this month!
Till next time; stay safe, be careful, remember black lives still matter, and all the best~!