Dev-Diary: 81

Hey y’all! Hope everyone is safe! ^-^

So, you might notice I’m posting a few days early! What, that’s nuts right!? Well, there are a few reasons as to why. Very sadly, I barely got any work done this entire month. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I did not have computer access most of the month, only getting everything set back up a couple of days ago. Even then, I’m still bound to some personal duties which will take up extra time, and I need to replace this current computer asap (looking like it’ll be within a month at least~), so work over the next month will be slow while I deal with that. However! I am adaptable, and luckily had a large to-do list of work I could handle physically. I was able to get a bunch of writing done, and a LOT of drawing done. Mostly churning out all the concepts for the visuals for M.I.S. but I got so many done and I am very happy. I’ll even include a sneaky-peek into my M.I.S. workbook as an apology for not getting more done this month~ 😉

Concept Art

The sad news continues as I was also unable to write up a new OPOS this month, so to make up for that I will be rotating the one from Ko-Fi to itchio as per normal, and next month I will release the OPOS directly to itchio! No donation wall just straight to free-play! 😀

Which brings me to the other reason I am posting early; to release in time for Halloween I have already published this month’s OPOS! BoneZ is a weird, spoopy, RPG about being a funny-lookin’ skeleton and trying to escape to freedom with your skele-pals. The twist? You can only critically pass or fail! Watch as you and your friends accomplish amazing feats or collapse into a frail bone-pile! Also ghosts! So go play it! Yay!

Anyways, that’s that from me. I’m going to keep working on everything and keep making sure things keep happening! Hope y’all are staying safe, have the spoopy times this Halloween, and, till next time, all the best~!