Dev-Diary: 13

Hey everybody!

So the past few weeks have been pretty random in terms of productivity. While I didn’t get as much done on the demo as I’d hoped, I have been flexing my creative muscles again which has been generally good practice. I’ve done some digital graphics, some short-story writing, and a few other things along these lines to help get me back into creative production. I’ve also jumped into a community reanimation project, which takes an existing and often well-known animation and gives a mass of artists a few seconds to animate each. While my short section isn’t important, it’s fun being a part of a larger group all working together to complete a project! Hopefully I’ll have my part done over the next week, and the project itself will come out in a couple of months I think?

As for the demo, I’ve been getting back into it slowly, fixing up some important stuff. I’ve re-worked the music function to work better with the music that was composed for the first game, and I’ve heavily upgraded the AI detection function so that it (finally!) takes the world collisions into account, so now the player can hide behind walls all stealth-like!

I’m slowly getting back into the proper swing of production again, so I look forward to bigger and better updates in the coming weeks and months!

All the best!

Dev-Diary: 12

Hey everyone! Sorry for being a day late, I was away and only just got back.

What a slow and rather frustrating start to the year! I did manage to get some work done, but it was mostly filled with technical delays.

After getting my showreel done, my computer decided to start crashing when there was a slight increase in processing. I managed to trace it to a problem with the power supply unit, which meant I had to buy a new one and replace it, as well as fix up a bunch of stuff on my computer to assist with performance. During this, one of my accounts were hacked temporarily, which was quickly restored but very annoying, and even a bit scary, to deal with.

I did however get to patch up some small things where I left off, and meet-up with a group of other developers at a social gathering, as well as chat to a few other people working in various game and programming, and media careers. It’s always great talking to anyone in the gaming industry, and the media industry as a whole, to learn as much as possible as well as watch and listen to people talk about their passions!

Hopefully the coming half of the month will prove more productive and contain less delays!

All the best!

Dev-Diary: 11

Hey everyone,

Happy New Year! Time to knuckle down and get back into work. I’ve managed to better control some of the issues I’ve been faced with lately, so hopefully I can get back on track with getting the demo completed! So, to start the new year off, if you head on over to the ‘About’ section, you’ll see I’ve posted a showreel! While the majority of it is fancy editing of footage from my past projects (including some video work I edited), you’ll also notice there is some actual footage of the Monochrome Engine! Sneak peak! Go check it out!

I’m going to try my best to get lots of work done this year. I predict I will again be delayed by other work, especially since I do need to focus on making actual money too, as well as taking up opportunities to gain more experience in media production, but I will definitely be trying to get as much work done as possible! My production partner and I are also aiming to get some of our collaborative works finished, and if possible even jump into some local conventions to sell art and games.

Long story short, 2016 was a crazy ride for me, I definitely had some amazing times, as well as some difficult ones. I’d like to take what I learnt from last year and step it up this year to perform even better! I know not all my plans will go accordingly, but I’m not stopping. Hopefully you guys will be there with me along the way!

All the best!

Dev-Diary: 10

Hey everyone.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful month! Unfortunately for me, the personal problems I’ve been dealing with lately have been building up and have put a hold on my work. Because of that, and the commitments I have to my family at this time of year, I’ll be putting myself on hiatus till the start of the new year, which means I have nothing to report now, nor in the next dev-diary. I’m sorry for the large delay this will have on releasing the demo for testing, but I need to put myself first in this situation. The games and stories I am working on will continue again soon, as I love them and I will see them to the end! But for now, I need to get through the rest of the year so I can be good for working again next year.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and all the best!

Dev-Diary: 9

A day late again, sorry! But this month has been pretty intense. A lot of personal stuff has been obstructing production. This means the demo gets delayed; initially I wanted to have it done by Christmas, but now we’re probably looking at a January – February release. For all the people who signed up to be testers, I’m sorry the wait is so long, but it’s so I can make sure everything is working properly, and that everything can be tested!

In the work I actually did, it was mostly some bug fixes, checking a few things off a list that were left behind in other sections of the demo, and some progress in the AI area. I’m going to be updating some of the AI programs to have them run a bit smoother and more accurately while I focus on this area.

I’ll keep you all posted! All the best!

Dev-Diary: 8

Hello! Cut this one a bit close haha!

I’m currently in the middle of organising the audio for the first project (after the Demo) with my composer. I have to say, it’s absolutely fantastic at the moment, but we still have a few tracks to go. However, if you don’t want to wait the months before that game releases, you can check out her work over at her Soundcloud which I will feature at the end of this post.

The Demo itself has been progressing as normal; a couple more rooms and a few patches and updates to either bugged or missing functions, normal stuff. I’m happy to say I’ve gotten all the rooms completed for the Trigger demonstration area (finally!) and am currently working on the AI demonstration area, possibly the second-hardest zone. Luckily, AI structure almost the same way as Triggers do, so I’m managing to write them up much faster than I used to!

Very briefly, I also wanted to touch upon the other work I do as Silver Stitch. While I might go into further detail next update, I’ll give you a base idea of what else I do. The game-design I work on isn’t entirely limited to digital media, nor are all my efforts focused on the making of games. I’m also in production of a small number of board and card games, some on my own, some are collaborative with a close friend of mine. Some of these physical games have a much smaller turn-around time, while some I’ve been working on as long for as the engine! I hope to reveal more of these as they develop as well! Additionally, I did mention not all my work is game-related, and this is because at the end of the day, as much as I love games, I’d like to consider myself a story-teller. While some games are purely for fun, I love the idea of story construction and building worlds, which I hope is evident in some of my previous works. Because of this, I’m trying my best to construct deep stories for my games, and outside them. I’ll also be slowly updating you on how this progresses as well, though not as much as I like to keep that as much of a secret as possible till each release.

Well that’s all I wanted to discuss this update! As promised, following this is the link to the composer I’m working with. All the best!

Dev-Diary: 7

Hello again! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

October on a whole has probably been my least productive month for a while for my game work. Personal life and other work popped up a lot over the past couple of weeks causing delays, along with bugs and errors also popping up that need to be fixed. However, progress was made, and in some cases very important progress!

Probably the biggest, or most important, update was a massive patch to the way AI programs work. While essentially there was little-to-no change, the flow of code had to be re-written when I discovered the AI master list, which should not change, was changing. This was a problem caused by the Flash itself and not by the code, so a work-around had to be found, which it eventually was and the AI programs are now running as intended!

Along with a few other smaller patches and implementations, more rooms were finished save for some final visuals. As I’ve said before, this is an engine demo and the visuals will be less than what a full game has to offer, but the practice is important and I do still want the demo to look nice! I’ve nearly finished the largest section of the demo which is the Trigger Hall, an area containing many rooms for testing most of the trigger functions.

Aside from that, I’ve included a screenshot from a room I’m rather happy about on a technical aspect; the Teleportation room, where both the Player and an NPC are warped around the room. Remember, if you wish to be able to test the demo when it’s done, let me know and I’ll put you on the list of testers! All the best!

Monochrome Engine - Demo - 03

Dev-Diary: 6


The past two weeks have been pretty hectic with both work-life and personal life, so I’m afraid this won’t be too long.

That being said, aside from a few more patches and rooms being completed, the audio optimisation I was discussing last post has been completed! Instead of now updating over-overwhelmingly, the engine will now update individual sounds in a cycle to prevent running too many alterations. Additionally, the update also accounts for when too many sounds are running and decreases the frequency of updating to accommodate the updates, although this is also an option that can be toggled for people noticing the audio causing lag issues.

I look forward to completing more rooms and updates to get this demo and the revised engine fully functioning! Till next time!

Dev-Diary: 5

Sorry I’m a day late!

I’ve been spending a lot of the past 2 weeks just working on the maps, trying to get more done. I’ve been working on the trigger-related rooms, demonstrating how trigger functions work. This also opened up a few situations where I’ve found bugs so I’ve been patching them as well.

The main thing I’ve been working is optimisation! I work on a semi-powerful computer so it doesn’t serve as a good standard-benchmark for how the game engine runs on other machines. I’ve tested the engine before on other devices, but that was when it was bare-bones. The demo has a lot more content; full visuals, more dynamic sound, and more complex triggers. I’ve been running the demo on my laptop I use for note-taking, which, not exactly being a powerful device, I’m using as my benchmark as a standard device. Without any optimisation, there was obvious lag in many rooms! There are a couple of factors for this, but currently the two main reasons are visual rendering and sound complexity.

Visual rendering is actually very easy to fix; while building the rooms I had all the visuals set to constantly render as vectors, which looks nicer but eats away at processing! A more common render process, which I’ve used on my earlier games, is to render only once when the level loads. This process only applies to static visuals though, but it does help out a lot and removed all the lag issues in many of the rooms. Animated visuals have to remain as vectors, though can be exported as much simpler graphics should the need arise.

Sound complexity is a fair bit more difficult, though I believe I’ve managed to get it mostly fixed. There is a sound function in the engine which renders a sound as a positional object, constantly updating it’s position so that it sounds as if it is originating from a specific location. Originally, this updated every single frame, which is a lot, but worked without problem in a bare-bones scenario. However, multiple positional sounds all running in a fully drawn and animated map causes some problems. This has been addressed by making sure the sounds only update every few frames; not enough to be noticeable to the player but enough to ease up on the processing. I’m still working to try and have it regulate between multiple sounds to spread out the processing, but it’s getting there. The aim is to also have this as a quality setting, letting the player chose between more accurate sound rendering or better processing.

Other areas which I thought would cause lag issues are luckily running smoothly! A room that spawns a mass of projectiles, with the intention of causing lag, actually runs a lot smoother than anticipated! I have a lot more to go, and bugs are popping up still, but I’m trying to make sure I can not only have a fun game but a working game. Till next time!

Dev-Diary: 4

Hello! Mid-Month update time for September!

So the past 2 weeks have been mostly consumed with getting levels done for the demo. Collision maps, triggers, dialogue, visuals, and code patches; all the things a growing game needs to get big! While, being a demo, visuals aren’t supposed to be as important as the mechanics getting tested, I find myself free-drawing a lot of the more interesting areas instead of using the assets I made. The demo has been quite the little learning project for getting back into drawing, but also getting faster at using the trigger systems I made in the engine; even though I designed them, I hadn’t really had a chance to make so so so many triggers, and this demo is providing a perfect opportunity to get faster at it! Though it’s going to again step up it’s game when it comes to the NPC Programs, the AI can get rather complex when you want them to obey certain patterns.

And as always, I’ve been passively working hard at the lore and stories. Drawing up the characters, writing out some language, and planning the history, to give the world a bit of depth. A lot of these things though won’t be immediately apparent in the first few projects, and are more something for the long-term goal.

Of course, all this talk of level design and visuals, I’m sure you want something to look at. Well here is one of the completed rooms where the player can experience the various sound functions in the game. Till next time!

Monochrome Engine - Demo - 02